Eastmont School Elementary Promo

Project Description

This project first came to my attention when I began working with Eastmont Church on their graphics. The idea was to communicate what sets Eastmont Elementary apart from other schools in the Central Oregon area. This was done with a few interviews from both students and parents and shots of the school/activities that happen on a daily basis.

Having a long-term relationship established with Eastmont Church and Eastmont Elementary made this project even more exciting for me to take on. I fully understood how the establishments work with kids, parents, and the community in general so it put me in a great position to get the shots, interviews, and help get their message across.

Behind the Scenes

The final touch on the video was actually masking out any background objects that were taking over the shots in the interviews. Rather than changing the position and scale of the shot, I made masks on both the right and left sides to remove things hanging on the wall and the cabinets. There was also a request to move Baby Yoda from the shelf as it was causing some distraction. This was done with the help of photoshop. I did some content-aware work on the shelf unit, then masked it out in the video. This allowed me to place a photo behind the mask and change the color profile to match the shelf in multiple shots.

– From Left to Right –
Before: Cabinets and Baby Yoda in shot
After: Cabinets and Baby Yoda removed

After all of these adjustments, it was incredibly important to make sure that none of the subjects moved into the mask. Watching shadows and lighting change from subjects was also needed.