Digital Banking Upgrade | Providence Credit Union | Animated Series

For the Providence Credit Union project, I collaborated closely with Red Barn Design to conceptualize the initial designs for a series of animated explainer videos to enhance the website user experience. My role encompassed the entirety of the animation process, including sophisticated screen recordings and the crafting of voiceovers to ensure the content was informative and engaging. Following the creation phase, these videos were seamlessly integrated into the Providence Credit Union website, significantly improving user interaction and engagement. This project underscored Hoffmedia’s adeptness in multimedia storytelling and digital communication, showcasing our ability to turn complex concepts into accessible, compelling content.

Starting Out

Our collaboration kicked off with lots of brainstorming. We wanted to make sure we could explain complex financial topics in a way that anyone could understand. This meant creating stories and characters that people could relate to.

Bringing Ideas to Life

The real magic happened when we started animating. With some clever screen recordings and carefully chosen voiceovers, we turned those ideas into lively, informative videos. Picking the right voice was crucial; we needed to make sure our messages were clear and engaging for all kinds of viewers.

Seeing the Difference

After we added these videos to the Providence Credit Union website, the change was clear. More people were interacting with the site, spending time learning about financial services in a way that felt easy and enjoyable.

What We Achieved

This project really showed what we can do at Hoffmedia. By turning tough financial concepts into fun videos, we improved the website experience for Providence Credit Union. This wasn’t just about making videos—it was about making finance accessible and interesting for everyone.