Real Estate Market Update – Jen Runs Real Estate


The client sent me a raw video file that was filmed with just her phone’s camera and microphone. From that original file I did the typical color correction, audio fix, cuts and camera zooms. See the before and after below.

The big piece for this project was to add information on the screen that was helpful when Jen was trying to push a point across. This was done with graphics that were on brand and bold. In addition to adding all of the cuts there is also a intro video and animated closing screent that will be used across the rest of the monthly updated to keep the series relatively the same.

The last piece that was added to this project was the use of captions. When exported the Jen Runs Real Estate team had the option to choose from either a video with or without captions depending on where they were posting to. With social media being a large part of peoples life, having captions on the video is huge mainly for the fact of convenience.