Star Valley Health MyChart | Explainer Animation Video

Elevating Customer Experience

Hoffmedia’s Animation Project for Star Valley Health

I recently had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Star Valley Health, a distinguished health company in Texas. Together, we crafted an engaging animation explainer video to showcase their partnership with MyChart and encourage customer sign-ups. With the invaluable support of Sally from Red Barn Designs, who provided stunning vector images, I brought the animation to life, adding my voice to become the “voice of Star Valley Health.”

Star Valley Health is dedicated to delivering exceptional services to its customers. Recognizing the value of collaborating with MyChart to offer exciting new perks, they sought an explainer video to illustrate the process and drive customer engagement.

My journey began with Sally from Red Barn Designs, a talented artist who meticulously crafted vector images that beautifully represented Star Valley Health’s brand and services. These illustrations formed the core of the animation, providing the foundation for a visually captivating and informative video.
With Sally’s impressive vector images in hand, I set to work, transforming static illustrations into a dynamic and captivating animation. Every element was carefully animated, ensuring a seamless flow that would captivate viewers from start to finish.

To complement the animation, I recorded a compelling script written by Star Valley’s team that effectively conveyed the key benefits of Star Valley Health’s collaboration with MyChart. They aimed to make the video informative and persuasive, encouraging viewers to embrace the new perks. As a proud moment for me, I had the privilege of providing the voice-over for the animation.

To enhance the overall experience, I carefully selected a suitable background track and incorporated sound effects that complemented the animation. The combination of visuals, voice-over, and audio elements resulted in a compelling and impactful explainer video.

The final animation explainer video achieved its purpose with flying colors. Star Valley Health now has a powerful tool that effectively communicates the benefits of its collaboration with MyChart, driving more customer sign-ups.

This collaborative project with Star Valley Health was a testament to the power of creativity and dedication. With Sally’s exceptional vector designs and my expertise in animation and audio production, we created a compelling explainer video that has become the voice of Star Valley Health. As a solo creator at Hoffmedia, I am delighted to have made a positive impact on Star Valley Health’s customer experience through our creative process.