T&M Travel Agent Brand Project | 2015-Present

I’m excited to share the success story of one of my clients, T&M Travel. As a solo-owned business, they’ve been with me at Hoffmedia since 2015. T&M Travel is a travel agent company passionate about travel and helping their clients plan unforgettable trips worldwide. With over 30 years of experience in the travel industry, they’ve built a reputation for excellence and personalized service.

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At Hoffmedia, I’ve had the pleasure of helping Marilyn, the owner of T&M Travel, with her brand since 2015. We started by updating her logo to give it a fresh, modern look. This was done while keeping the original brand and backbone intact. We then worked on redesigning her website to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing.

One of the biggest challenges with T&M Travel’s website was ensuring that it accurately represented Marilyn’s expertise and personalized service. I worked closely with Marilyn to understand her unique value proposition. From there we found a way to resonate with her target audience.

Thanks to our collaboration, we created a website that effectively communicates T&M Travel’s passion for travel. Not only that but her website helps show her dedication to providing exceptional service. Marilyn has been thrilled with the results since we started working together. We continue to work together to make ongoing updates and improvements to her website.

I’m honored to have T&M Travel as a long-term client, and I’m proud of the work we’ve done together. If you’re looking for a travel agent that genuinely cares about creating unforgettable experiences, check out T&M Travel. And if you’re looking for help with branding, website design, or other creative projects, visit my website at hoffmediadesign.com to learn more about my services.

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