Unveiling “The Gospel of Joy”: A Storybook Journey Through Jesus’ Ministry

This Christmas, I embarked on a unique adventure to explore the story of Jesus through animation. “The Gospel of Joy,” created for Eastmont Church’s Christmas Eve service, is a heartfelt project that blends the nativity story with the broader narrative of Jesus’ ministry. Join me as I share the process and passion behind this personal endeavor.

The Spark

The idea for “The Gospel of Joy” sparked from a desire to create something meaningful for the holiday season—a piece that would not only celebrate Jesus’ birth but also weave together the miracles and teachings of His life. I envisioned a storybook come to life, painted in broad watercolor strokes, offering a glimpse into the wonders of His ministry.

Crafting the Narrative

The journey began with a script that sought to touch hearts and remind us of Christmas’s true spirit. From there, I transitioned to storyboarding, laying out each scene with simple sketches that would later transform into the vivid frames of our animation. Stephen Knauf’s talent in illustration brought depth to the initial ideas, and with a little help from MidJourney AI, we expanded our visual narrative into a rich tapestry of scenes.

One of our focal points was the manger scene, where we introduced movement through a subtle sliding of the background and foreground and adding a slight twinkle to the starry night, breathing life into the stillness of the night and guiding the wise men toward the stable in a serene, storybook manner.

The Voice and the Verse

Animating “The Gospel of Joy” was more than a visual journey; it was about bringing emotion and resonance through sound. I lent my voice to narrate our story, while Emmanuel Khan masterfully blended it with music, enveloping the visuals in a warmth that only a harmonious score can provide.

The Heart of the Animation

At its heart, this animation is a vessel for the gospel, crafted to engage believers and newcomers alike. It’s a call to observe, discuss, and find joy in the teachings and miracles of Jesus, drawing inspiration from the Great Commission.

Behind the Scenes

Creating “The Gospel of Joy” was a labor of love, a blend of my professional skills and personal faith. I’m eager to share parts of this journey with you, from storyboards to script excerpts and still frames, offering a peek into the creation of this animated storybook.

A Personal Reflection

As a single creator at Hoffmedia, “The Gospel of Joy” is a testament to the power of storytelling through animation. It’s a project where my playful professionalism meets my passion for faith-based narratives. My hope is that this animation becomes a conversation starter, a bridge to understanding the gospel’s beauty.

As we reflect on the message of “The Gospel of Joy,” I’m reminded of the words from Matthew 28:19-20,

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”,

encouraging us to share the story of Jesus far and wide. May this animation inspire you to explore, share, and celebrate the journey of faith this Christmas and beyond.

Thank you for witnessing the creation of “The Gospel of Joy.” May it light up your festive season with the true joy and wonder of Christmas.